My Life

Last week was time for our one year wedding anniversary celebrations!! Every time I think of our wedding or glance down at my ring, I can’t help but giggle to myself. I still remember how foreign it sounded at first to say the word husband out loud, and now it seems weird to think I […]


Jul 11

Jul 11, 2019

Date nights might sound easy right? But having them a consistent part of the week takes work but definitely keeps the magic alive especially for newly weds.


May 9

May 9, 2019

Tonight over 11,000 people gathered at Copenhagen’s Royal Arena for the Becoming book tour. We were all there to cheer on, connect with + feel inspired by Michelle Obama.


Apr 10

Apr 10, 2019

Happy Humpday! Today, I’m kicking off the launch by starting a weekly Q&A series. This week, I’m answering questions that you guys asked me on my Ask me Anything Instagram story. I want to open up and share a little bit about myself so you can get to know me. Plus I’m excited about this […]


Feb 27

Feb 27, 2019