This week on 5 Friday Finds, we’re diving into some of my favorite places to eat and drink around the city. Remember how last week I talked about an unusually hot April? Well I must have jinxed it, because this week the weather has been having a mind of its own. We’ve had sunshine, extreme winds, rain + even some snow!

My mother-in-law sent me probably one of the most hilarious images, mostly because it summed up the weather in a nut shell. The caption: It’s snowing here. Here is my father-in-law sitting on the roof top of their hotel with cocktails within a hands reach, presumably because he is was enjoying the evening sun. Now he’s grabbing a blanket as he proceeds to find shelter. Meanwhile, the background of the photo is a blur of people looking like they’re trying to make a mad dash for cover. If that doesn’t sum up a typical spring night in Denmark then I’m not sure what would.Welcome to Copenhagen, my friends.

The funny thing though is that if this weather was occurring in the fall or winter, I wouldn’t think twice about re-scheduling my weekend to make sure I didn’t have to leave my house. However, in the spring, the days have become longer (sun is setting now at 8:51 pm!!!) so despite the unfavorable weather, I have a weekend full of eating and drinking ahead of me as I see some friends for brunch, meet new girls for wine, and eat my way through Copenhagen with my in-laws.

On that note, here is just a sampling of my favorite places to eat + drink. I’ll even tell you my favorite items on the menu, so keep on reading!

cardomom bun, mixed nut pastry, danish pastry from hart bakery



It’s worth the hype.

For months I’d seen this bakery all over instagram with every intention of going the following weekend. Well, I finally made it and it sure did not disappoint. The place is small and I imagine it always has a line but the line moved fast. While it was still really busy there were even some spots outside on the bench. We ordered the mixed nut, spandauer + the cardamom bun. They were all delicious, but lets just say I ate half of my husband’s cardamom bun. Ladies, find yourself a man who will give up half of his pastry to make your morning go from good to great. After going, we found out that it was nominated for best bakery in Copenhagen–truly not shocked. It was that good.

Hart Bakery: Gl. Kongevej 109, 1850 Frederiksberg · Tel. +45 31 11 18 50
Monday-Friday 7:30am – 6:00pm + Saturday-Sunday 8:00am – 5:00pm

halloumi salad on colorful plates at mahalle in Copenhagen



A Lebanese treat for any occasion

A Lebanese gem, tucked away inside the trendy streets of Nørrebro. I discovered this place almost a year ago when a friend was visiting. I’ve been back countless times and it never disappoints–the picture speaks for itself. My favorite (as seen above) is the Lebanese Halloumi Salad: pita bread topped with humus, halloumi, avocado, pomegranate, mint, sesame seeds + za atar (a middle eastern herb).

Mahalle: Nørrebrogade 51, 2200 København N · Tel. +45 23 91 83 33
Monday-Friday 12:00pm – 11:00pm + Saturday-Sunday 11:00am – 11:00pm. Book reservations on their

Chicken burger from Jagger Burger in Copenhagen


Jagger Burger

A chicken burger with a side of a no-nonsense attitude.

Started by a Michelin chef, Jagger opened its doors in 2016, quickly paving the way of burgers that were informal yet still maintaining a level of quality. The establishments are trendy and usually have a great place for people watching out the window. My go-to is the chicken burger. It has a nice crispy crust, while the meat is still juicy. I can’t get enough of the chipotle mayo they use, giving the burger a bit of a kick. In the summer they also have amazing and unique frozen daiquiris. They frequently are changing up the flavors, but my favorite from last summer was the bell pepper + gin one.

Jagger Burger: Istedgade 62, 1650 København V (See all their locations here)
Everyday 11:00am – 10:00pm (note: hours vary by location)

Butter burger from gasoline grill with view from Copenhagen Canal


Gasoline Grill

You had me at butter.

It is no surprise that this place has made it on the list of best burgers in the world. Every day they only make a select number of burgers, so when they’ve sold out they post on Instagram that they’re now closed for the day. The menu is simple + so are their burgers. I personally find that this is the reason why their burgers are consistently so good. Instead of focusing on the toppings, they’ve really mastered the core of the burger: the patty. It’s juicy, delicious and definitely hits the spot. My go-to is the Butter Burger with cheese added. Gasoline Grill also has numerous locations around the city, but my favorites are 1. the original location, which happens to be in an old gas station (hence the name gasoline grill) and 2. the one at Vesterport Station. Yes, the burger place is on the platform, making it a great quick bite while you wait for your train.

Gasoline Grill: Landgreven 10, 1300 København K. (See other locations here)
Everyday 11:00am – sold out.
Tip: Check their instagram before heading over to see which locations are still open.

So you might be a bit confused to why there’s two burger places so let me sum it up for you. If in the mood for a chicken burger and/or fries? Head to Jagger Burger. Want a classic burger? Head to Gasoline Grill. Cool off with a rich milkshake? Head to either– I’d personally go to whichever has a closer location to me at that moment!

view of our cocktails and the dim vibe of the curfew cocktail bar in copenhagen


The Curfew

You really can’t just have one.

Started by award-winning Portuguese bartender, Humberto Marques, Curfew Cocktail bar is a speakeasy with a modern twist. It’s dimly lit room is full of character with funky jazz playing in the background. The attention to detail is impeccable–from the artwork on the walls, to the menu cards, the leather suspender uniforms and even the glassware. It’s truly an experience, making you wonder if you still were in fact living in 2019, or even Copenhagen for that matter. While it’s definitely on the pricier side, as they say on their website: “You’ll never forget a visit to the Curfew.” So yes, I do believe, a visit is truly worth it.

Curfew Cocktail Bar: Stenosgade 1, 1616 København V · Tel. +45 29299276 Mail:
Tuesday-Thursday 6:00pm – 2:00am, Friday 5:00pm – 3:00am, Saturday 6:00pm – 3:00am. Reservations Recommended.

Hope you have a great weekend! Let me know what sort of things you want to see for next week 5 Friday Finds!

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