Midweek Muse Color Story

As I walk among the streets of Copenhagen, which I have now called home for almost 3 years, I am constantly inspired. I’ve been intrigued — okay, maybe you can call it slightly obsessed with doors, walls, + signs around cities–from a really young age. I remember distinctively being in Mexico city, with my first digital camera around the age of 10, stopping on every street corner to capture every sign + door possible. For me, it’s not just about the beautiful doors, but about the story they tell. Color plays a tremendous role in how we see the world, it can change the way you think, which is why I find color to be so fascinating. I find that in urban environments, the use and combination of colors next to one another doesn’t follow the same sort of social norms so to speak as the rest of the design world. My goal is to share with you these color stories each week, as a way to brighten up your hump day and perhaps inspire you.

This color story is inspired by the juxtaposition between the cool and crisp air, with the warm + cozy feelings of fall (or as we like to call it in Denmark, Hygge). Lately the sky has been a brilliant, almost vibrant shade of powder blue with whispy white clouds, paired with floor to ceiling windows on every apartment, emitting a warm pink reflection from the candles lit inside.  

Fall Color Palette

Let me know in the comments what colors come to mind when you think of fall!

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