The day is finally here and it feels so good to be able to finally share it all with you. So, welcome to the new Swanky + Bold.

I say finally because this blog has been a long time coming. I’ve been toying around with the idea of having a blog for an embarrassingly long amount of time. (I even had one for a brief period in 2014 when I first studied abroad) Last year I decided to take the leap and start this blog, but was delayed due to my underestimated perfectionist tendencies, some health problems, and a busy 2018.

So when my mom and I decided to do a month-long European trip together, I decided that this was it. This would be my chance to launch, so I set today as my deadline and here we are. While the site’s not yet perfect, I decided I just had to run with it, knowing that I will continually update, improve, and expand the site’s functionality as I explore this new territory.

My goal for Swanky + Bold is to provide you with weekly content ranging from lifestyle, traveling, and style to anecdotes from my personal life. I hope to tell stories, create + share content that excites and encourages you to feel like you can do more, be more + become more.

I’m excited to see where this vision takes me and what this space will become.

To get this launch off on the right foot, I answered some questions from you. Go check them out!

Please feel free to drop a note with any questions, comments, or a simple hello, I’d love to hear from you!

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